April 26, 2018

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Effective as of: August 1, 2016
Fee Schedule
Account Close $10 Within 60 days
Account History $1 per page
Account Re-open $10
Account Research$10 per hour
ATM W/D (our mbrs. at other atm) $1
Business Account Fee$10 per month
Cashiers Checks$5
Check Cashing2% of check amt Max $100 (Savings Accts. Only
Check Cashing-Non-member2% of check amount
Club Withdrawal Fee $5
Credit Card Replacement $10
Debit Card PIN Replacement$10
Debit Card Replacement $10
Dormant Fee$5 per month
Excessive Share W/D $5 per w/d after 2 per mo.
Express DeliveryVaries
Garnishment, Tax Levy, or Judgement Fee$25
Minimum Balance Violator$1 per month
NSF Debit Card Fee$29
NSF Item$29
Overdraft Privilege/Courtesy Pay$29
Returned Dep. Item Maker Same as Payee$20
Returned Deposit Item $10
Returned Draft/ACH $29
Returned Mail Fee $5 per month
Share Draft Copies $2
Statement Copies$5
Stop Pay ACH$29
Stop Pay Both ACH and Draft$29
Stop Pay Draft $29
Wire Fee-Foreign $40
Wire Fee-Incoming $15
Wire Fee-Outgoing$15
*ATM transactions in foreign countries may have additional charges as required by the country and ATM network involved

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